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Fraud Center
Fraud Center


Don't talk to strangers! The same rules apply online--never give personal information through an online profile such as your name, address, school name or city.

Explain to children that if they've gone somewhere on the Internet that feels wrong or unsafe (chat rooms, websites), LEAVE!

Keep the computer in a common area of the house.

Check your browser's history frequently and let your child know that deleting history will revoke Internet privileges.

Set time limits for computer use. The lengths of time spent on the computer as well as the time of day are factors to consider. Many filtering software products help you to enforce these limits.

Use a blocking/filtering program, but remember every computer your child accesses may not have these programs. Nothing substitutes for parental involvement and communication!

Spend time online with children and familiarize yourself with the services/sites they are interested in. Communicate with your child what you consider appropriate material.

Monitor children's e-mail habits. Do not allow children to send or retrieve pictures to or from anyone they don't know.

Teach children to tell an adult if they receive any unusual messages, if they are asked personal information, or if an online friend wants to arrange a meeting.

Tell children never to respond to rude or offensive messages. If children receive an inappropriate e-mail, teach them to end the communication and contact a trusted adult. The adult should send a copy of the message to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask for their help.

REPORT, REPORT, REPORT! Inappropriate Internet activity should be reported to your local law enforcement agency and/or to the national reporting site, or call the Cyber Tipline at 1-800-843-5678.

Never allow a face-to-face meeting with a "friend" from the Internet without accompanying your child in a public spot.

Have your child earn their "Internet license" by exhibiting correct Internet behaviors with parental supervision. Keep a signed "pledge" by the computer outlining correct Internet behaviors discussed.

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