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Student Center
Student Center

Student Center

Did you know we have customers that live all over the world? When you start banking with us, you can continue to bank with us, even when you head off to college and even if you end up living somewhere else!  Start banking with us now and you will never be a faceless number at a big bank. Your community bank can grow with you and go with you wherever you go. You'll always have a friend in us to help you through those financial firsts - first car loan, first mortgage, the tools you need to establish that first budget and keep your credit report sparkling!

We are here for you wherever you go!

Bank Here, Go Anywhere!

Our Online Branch can serve you anywhere in the world allowing you to:

  • Bank online for free at or
  • Direct deposit
    Allows you to have your pay deposited into your account no matter where you live. Find out how.
  • e-Statement
    We deliver your statement to you electronically, no waiting for the mail, no charge. Log onto Online Banking and click on Additional Services.
  • Online Bill Pay
    Pay your bills electronically no matter where you are for FREE. Log onto Online Banking and click on Bill Pay. Watch a demo.
  • Mobile Check Deposit
    Deposit a check from anywhere with our Mobile Check Deposit. Click here for more information or call your local branch to get started!
  • Money Management
    You won't believe how easy this free product can make tracking expenses for you. You can categorize your spending and create a budget. You can also incorporate spending from your credit cards as well as your other bank accounts to have one place to see your entire financial picture.
  • Order Checks here
  • Order a Debit Card here
  • Order an ATM Card here
  • Telephone Banking
    Transfer money between accounts with Telephone Banking at 620-241-3733 or 1-888-CSB-3400.
  • New Accounts
    Open a new checking or savings account. Or how about an IRA or Dream Builder CD to save for college or that first car!
  • Loans
    Apply for a loan
  • Contact a customer service representative and get that same great personal service we give all our customers. No automated menus to wade through or stranger at the other end! Call your local branch or use our secure Guestbook.

How to Balance a Checkbook

Balancing your checkbook is very important! It helps you to know how much money you have in your account and if you have anything extra to either save or if you can splurge and get something that you've been waiting to get until you had some extra cash!

How to Budget Your Money

Before you can do any financial planning, it is important to examine your income and your expenses. When you spend more than you earn, you are heading for financial disaster. Calculate every cent you spend daily, no matter how small it is. Everything adds up. Try Money Management today to start making your budgeting even easier.

Budgeting Tips

How to Build & Keep Great Credit

There are many things in life that depend on your credit score. Learn ways to keep yourself out of bad credit, and things that you can do to keep it up. Try Money Management today to start your budget and keep that great credit.

Credit Tips

Save for a Car!

Are you excited to start driving or are you already driving but dreaming of that great car?!?! Start saving now with one of our Dreambuilder CD's! It earns more interest than a savings account if you leave money there for the full term. The earlier you start saving, the more money you will have towards your first car! Just think of the possibilities!

Car buying tips

    Dreambuilder CDs

  • Requires $100 deposit to open
  • You can make deposits at any time, but deposits must be a minimum of $25
  • 30 month term
  • Interest rate and annual percentage yield may change semi-annually.


Set Up Direct Deposit

Learn what you need to give your employer to have your pay automatically deposited into your account.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

Start on Your $1 Million at Age 16

It's easier than you think to become a millionaire. The magic combo? Getting an early start saving and having the discipline not to raid the piggy bank.

The Basics


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